Every time I feel the spirit…..part 2

DH and I were sitting on the beach, enjoying my day off. I had been in the ocean at least a couple times already, and came back to where he sat on his beach chair, gazing off to the sea. The day was warm and sunny as is common on the west side of the island, and a soft tradewind was blowing. Occasionally a stronger puff of air came through, and stirred the surface of the water.

“You don’t know which way the wind blows, so how can you plan tomorrow?” Dh stared at the ocean as he quoted the lyrics from an old song, then added, “of course, with modern weather science, we CAN know which way the wind is gonna blow, and when the rain is gonna come, and how high the tide will be.”

Immediately (that’s my attempt to mimic the gospel writer Mark, you know……) a gale blew across the beach. The sand was picked up and driven into our skin, sandblasting all the beach goers. The wind across the surface of the ocean blew the water into sharp spikes, making it look like a bed of nails.

Almost as quickly as it started……it stopped…. and we were again sitting on a warm, sunny beach under blue skies and with a soft tradewind stirring the air.

A little taken aback,  DH whispered “But then again, the Holy Spirit moves as it wishes, despite our best laid plans!!!”