July 2012 Archives

I am delighted to know….

…..that despite my, um, advanced age, I am  not osteoporotic. How do I know this? I know this because I tried to fill the dogs’ water dish this morning. In doing so, I walked to the east side of our cement porch toward the tap.  The east side, where when it rains, the wind blows the water onto the cement.  The cement which has a slight depression in it, and so holds water. One minute Continue reading

Every time I feel the spirit…..part 2

DH and I were sitting on the beach, enjoying my day off. I had been in the ocean at least a couple times already, and came back to where he sat on his beach chair, gazing off to the sea. The day was warm and sunny as is common on the west side of the island, and a soft tradewind was blowing. Occasionally a stronger puff of air came through, and stirred the surface of Continue reading