My Ride: Vitamin C Veloster

Years ago I saw a cinnamon colored Lexus or Saturn or something with very nice lines…..I knew I would never spend the money to buy such a thing.  DH’s car has finally become too dangerous to drive. He says it’s like a Christmas Tree:  the dashboard has lots of pretty colored lights.  So, I planned a new car for me (a much more fuel efficient one) and my old SUV to him.

The search began…

….and ended at the Hyundai Veloster (I admit, I’d never even heard of the thing until I browsed Costco’s Auto program site yesterday morning.)  It looked very much like that much too expensive car I’d seen years ago. The Vitamin C (referring to the cinnamon color) was the same as on that more expensive car, and one was available on island. The price was ok. The deal was made.

And now it’s mine.