It’s not all it’s cracked up to be

Solitude, that is.  DH’s stepdad died rather suddenly, and he went off to help his mom deal with all the “stuff” that follows a death. We are short-handed at work, and I was scheduled for several night shifts in the coming week. No one volunteers to cover extra night shifts!  And, the beasts still needed to be fed and looked after. Upshot was that I stayed home to (wo)man the Hranch.

I confess that I secretly looked forward to spending a bit of time alone: I could read all the trashy mystery novels I wanted without feeling guilty.  I didn’t have to listen to American Idol or find an excuse to leave the room when it was on. I could make a meal out of only steamed cauliflower (my favorite!) if I wanted.

Know what?  It’s horribly lonely without him here-and I feel like half my soul has gone missing.  I start to tell him something…..and remember that he’s off island.  I look to just sit companionably in the same room…..but the room is empty.

The beasts are ok, but the puppy has become (even more) obsessive about his squeaky toy, and has taken to whining for no reason.

This has been an experience I hope to not repeat anytime soon…….