Every Time I Feel the Spirit…..

I walked out of church in the middle of the sermon on Pentecost Sunday, one year ago. In my (perhaps not so humble) opinion, Pentecost is the second most important Feast in the church year:  the day that not only was the church created, but the day we were given the Holy Spirit who guides, corrects, and moves us to respond to the Gospel of Christ.

Last year, the only mention of the festival was “oh by the way, today is Pentecost…..” followed by a 25 minute Pentecostal-style sermon which never mentioned the history of the church, the gift of the Holy Spirit or the Trinity.

Fast forward one year. New year…new church….new congregation…..and a CELEBRATION of Pentecost!  Hymns about the Spirit. Sermon about the Spirit. Potluck gathering of the congregation in honor of the day.

And:  a church building decorated in red flowers, banners and each pew with a Hawaiian print skirt and shell lei.

We were moved…..by the Spirit!