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Every Time I Feel the Spirit…..

I walked out of church in the middle of the sermon on Pentecost Sunday, one year ago. In my (perhaps not so humble) opinion, Pentecost is the second most important Feast in the church year:  the day that not only was the church created, but the day we were given the Holy Spirit who guides, corrects, and moves us to respond to the Gospel of Christ. Last year, the only mention of the festival was Continue reading

Geri at Waipio Lookout

Now there’s something (part three)

…that you don’t see every day. Dear friend Geri visited last week. She was interested in seeing the local vanilla farm and store, so we drove up the Hamakua Coast to visit. Having spent a pleasant hour (and a few dollars) we continued driving the back roads which wound through small farms and rural properties. We came to a fork in the road, and glimpsed a pair of turkies strutting down the road.  That is Continue reading


Grandma Susan and Grandpa Carl….

My Ride: Vitamin C Veloster

Years ago I saw a cinnamon colored Lexus or Saturn or something with very nice lines…..I knew I would never spend the money to buy such a thing.  DH’s car has finally become too dangerous to drive. He says it’s like a Christmas Tree:  the dashboard has lots of pretty colored lights.  So, I planned a new car for me (a much more fuel efficient one) and my old SUV to him. The search began… Continue reading

It’s not all it’s cracked up to be

Solitude, that is.  DH’s stepdad died rather suddenly, and he went off to help his mom deal with all the “stuff” that follows a death. We are short-handed at work, and I was scheduled for several night shifts in the coming week. No one volunteers to cover extra night shifts!  And, the beasts still needed to be fed and looked after. Upshot was that I stayed home to (wo)man the Hranch. I confess that I Continue reading