Not Priceless

DH is off to the mainland to help his mom. Her husband died rather suddenly on Sunday, and he went to help her through the process of dealing with all the things that must be done in such situations.  He, of course, is usually home all day, and therefore can throw toys, shag golf balls, play rope tug-o-war and run around with Akamai to keep him from getting bored. The Australian Shepherd/Border Collie mix has energy to burn, and gets bored easily.

But…..I have to work. I leave at 6:15am, and return at about the same time in the evening. When I returned yesterday, the puppy greeted me happily, tho with a bit of a guilty slink in his walk.  I soon figured out why.

TV remote:  $20

Bic candle lighter:  $3

Solar landscape light: $15

Two bromeliads:  $20

Solar deck light: $5

Hyperactive, too-smart, too-easily bored “puppy:” Pricey.