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It’s all Christy’s fault.  She was waxing ecstatic over our abundance of avocado trees and their great potassium supply. So, though DH and I have never been fond of the things, I made some guacamole for pupu dip when she and Brion came to visit.  Alright, it’s good.  Oh, alright, it’s damned addicting: 2 ripe avocado 1/2 onion, chopped juice of 1/2 lime 1 tomato, chopped   Scoop the pulp from the avocado and mash Continue reading

Not Priceless

DH is off to the mainland to help his mom. Her husband died rather suddenly on Sunday, and he went to help her through the process of dealing with all the things that must be done in such situations.  He, of course, is usually home all day, and therefore can throw toys, shag golf balls, play rope tug-o-war and run around with Akamai to keep him from getting bored. The Australian Shepherd/Border Collie mix has Continue reading

A Bittersweet Moment

You may recall that I walked out of church on Pentecost Sunday nearly a year ago, no longer willing to listen to the rantings of a misogynist, gay-bashing, lying, venom-spewing, hate-mongering “man of God.”  I spent Sunday mornings reading the lessons, listening to podcasts of sermons and reading lectionary commentary. DH continued to attend in order to lend support to the choir and the organist. When the minister finally succeeded in effecting the resignation of Continue reading

Hey Susan!!!!

Breathe. It’s over for another year!


We never know the wine we are becoming while we are being crushed like grapes. —Henri Nouwen


My dog just licked his crotch and humped his brother… do we really think organic dog food is necessary?

Joanie Mitchell said it best….

The sign said “Your Tax Dollars At Work. Upgrade of Carvalho Park in Progress.” The park abutted a stand of jungle filled with palm, hau, banyan, and ohia trees. Ginger, cup of gold, morning glory and hibiscus grew beneath them.  Vines twined their way up the trees. Bulldozers knocked down the trees, then ripped the ground clean. All vegetation was cleared, and then the heavy equipment came in and started moving gravel: piling it, pounding Continue reading