Now That’s Something….part II

Christy and Brion visited us this week, and we did a lot of sightseeing….which meant lots of time in the car getting there. Yesterday we were heading to Pana’ewa Zoo so that Christy could see Namaste the Bengal Tiger.  We slowed for a light as it turned yellow, and then all watched in amazement as a tire rolled…or rather zoomed…..past us.

The tire was not attached to any vehicle….but it was going about 40 miles per hour.  It was an act of grace that it had a slight curve on its trajectory, and veered toward the shoulder while it rushed down the road, missing all the cars stopped at the light .  It finally came to rest… the yard of a tire store.

We looked whence the tire came (from across the intersection and on the opposite side of the highway), and saw the owner of the lost tire running through the intersection, other drivers pointing the way to the errant tire.

The light changed, we moved forward and the saw the offending truck on the side of the road……the back of the truck sitting on its axle.

So for the second time this month I can write “now THAT’s something ya don’t see every day!”

(and I won’t even mention the hippie banjo player at the beach…….)