Even after all this time…..

I STILL get angry.

I was in fourth grade.  My teacher was very proud of my spelling ability, and was anxious for me to compete in the spelling bee. My first word was presented:

“ah…..BAIT,” said the moderator.
“ABATE,” I spelled.

“Wrong,” she said.  I was devastated.  My teacher, bless her soul forever, cried foul and pointed out that the word had been mispronounced, and demanded that I be given another chance, which I was.

“BAIT,” said the moderator.

Still shaken and upset, “BA…” I started to form a “t” with my teeth, then stopped and finished with “IT.”

“Wrong,” said the moderator, pointing out my nearly mouthed “t.”

Why am I talking about this?  We are watching the spelling bee from Honolulu.  The moderator is terrible, and has mispronounced and misstated numerous words.  My heart aches for those young contestants who are at her mercy.

Fifty years later I still fume, cause I know I coulda been somebody!!!