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Even after all this time…..

I STILL get angry. I was in fourth grade.  My teacher was very proud of my spelling ability, and was anxious for me to compete in the spelling bee. My first word was presented: “ah…..BAIT,” said the moderator. “ABATE,” I spelled. “Wrong,” she said.  I was devastated.  My teacher, bless her soul forever, cried foul and pointed out that the word had been mispronounced, and demanded that I be given another chance, which I was. Continue reading

Chiros savings time

Father Moki used part the Old Testament lectionary text last week as his sermon topic: Remember the sabbath day, to keep it holy. He expounded on how we need to have “Jesus time” or “Chiros” instead of “Chronos.” Chronos is that time we measure: human created and counted.  Chiros is that time as measured (or not) by God. Somehow that melded into the recesses of my brain and I recalled that this past week was Continue reading

Brion and Christy at Onomea Falls

Ginger with variegated leaf

Seen at Akaka Falls State Park

Wild Rhododendron

Seen at Akaka Falls State Park

Old man of the lava

On our recent hike out to Kaimu beach, we saw this old man: large swirling beard and hair, demonic eyes with bushy eyebrows, a leering smile, and a yellow feather in his cap.   Here in Hawaii, we see things in both the clouds and in the lava!

Just because you can…

…….doesn’t mean you should. Dharun Ravi was just convicted on all 15 counts of invasion of privacy, bias intimidation and witness tampering. He is the young Rutgers student accused of all the above when his roommate, gay Tyler Clementi discovered he had been spied upon while having sexual relations with another man. The encounter was caught on webcam set up by Ravi, and Clementi subsequently jumped to his death off a bridge. Ravi grew up Continue reading

Now That’s Something….part II

Christy and Brion visited us this week, and we did a lot of sightseeing….which meant lots of time in the car getting there. Yesterday we were heading to Pana’ewa Zoo so that Christy could see Namaste the Bengal Tiger.  We slowed for a light as it turned yellow, and then all watched in amazement as a tire rolled…or rather zoomed…..past us. The tire was not attached to any vehicle….but it was going about 40 miles Continue reading

Brion and Christy in the hot seat

The Bird

The Bird The decision was an agonizing one. The result of my choice would change not only my life, but that of my husband, my son and other family and friends. I had been accepted to two medical schools, one perhaps slightly more prestigious than the other; one relatively near my home, one thousands of miles away. I was obsessed by the conflict, and it filled both my waking and sleeping hours. One morning I Continue reading

Proof of Geezerdom

I was to attend a dinner meeting earlier this week, and had a couple hours after work until it started.  I decided to go to Ross and kill time.  I shopped, took my purchases to the cashier, and happily presented my driver’s license to prove I am old enough for the senior 10% discount. “Oh,” said the cute little cashier (looking at me pityingly….), “the discount is only good on Tuesdays….today is Wednesday!” I guess Continue reading

Now that’s something…

….that you don’t see everyday. It was beach day today.  I was on backup call, but by 8am hadn’t been called. That means I’m free for the rest of the day……and so it was off to the beach. We headed over to the Kona side and as we drove up near Honoka’a, we noted a pair of hitchhikers. She had her thumb out, and he stood behind her, playing music on his instrument.  Now, that Continue reading