I can’t believe I ate the whole thing…

…..or even part of it!  DH has found a bag of “Seafood Medley” at our local mini-warehouse store.  He usually just boils a handful of parts, throws it into some pasta and adds sauce of some sort= instant dinner!

Well, he has been working really hard  building a deck for some friends, and he comes home late, dirty and tired.  So, I have been trying to have a meal made when he gets home.

Yesterday, I did the seafood medly thing.  When he makes it, it is cut into pieces, mixed with pasta and sauce, and dished onto my plate. Well, since I was cooking, I actually had to look at it.  Shrimp.  Fine.  Squid (calamari) pieces.  Ok. Clams and mussels. Great.  Octopus. Errmmmm…. whole little octopi-each about 3 inches in diameter, little legs (arms?) dangling from my fork…..

It certainly tasted the same as when DH made it…..but I guess being the cook made me lose my appetite.

Scrambled eggs, anyone?