Hey, did you hear the one about…..

Last Saturday Bev and Celeste came for dinner.  Celeste is here for a three month hiatus, Bev came to visit her for a couple weeks, and we (having known them in Nevada) hosted them for dinner.

We had a lovely time, and since they had some sightseeing to do in the next couple days, and I had those days off, I volunteered myself to tag along.  We went to my favorite beach on Monday.  We put our chairs in the sand…kicked off our shoes, and then we each took out our smartphones……I to research a whales-in-Hawaii question that Bev had asked, and they to each take a picture and then send it off to her children back home on the mainland.

A young woman walked by us and smiled at the sight of three old ladies, sitting on one of Hawaii’s most beautiful beaches, each of us staring at our cell phone screens.

Did I mention that Celeste is a retired lawyer, Bev a minister and I am a doctor?

All we needed was a rabbi to have the basis of a great joke…