Gadgets is good.

I love my new toy. It works just as I hoped: I can listen to music, surf, and play Angry Birds while I sit on the lanai and watch whales swim by.

The good:  it plays music beautifully, surfs the web swiftly, plays games efficiently.

The bad:  the handy-dandy keyboard case with usb-plug-in attached keyboard does not work, because the said’s tablet usb is for data transfer only (as I found after an exhaustive Google search).

Still, it beats sitting upstairs in the den on beautiful days.  Nothing beats watching the Superbowl while sitting on the lanai in February, watching the whales swim by, listening to Pandora streaming and surfing the net while lobbing tennis balls for the hyperactive border collie.

Life’s good…..

*****edited to add:  YEAH GIANTS!!!!!*****