Chimps are running the asylum!

I have just finished a long work stretch, ending with three night shifts.  I complained to DH last night about the (ahem….) less than stellar assessment skills of one particular nurse.  I had been called several times over the course of several hours with what were presented as innocuous problems.  Then I got the call that said  “Oh by the way, I thought I should mention….” which sent me running down to the ward to examine the patient, order a stat CT scan, call a surgeon and write several emergent orders.

Last night I had a dream:   A group of chimpanzees was on display on one of the medical units. I was told they were there to provide entertainment, but they were all asleep in a pile.  Later in the dream, I needed to buy tires, and so went to the local department store.

Now I know that you’re all not as old as me (though you’re close SB!) and may not remember the long defunct Montgomery Ward’s chain of stores, but in my dream that is the store I went to.  Those of us older than dirt (yes, you nearly qualify SB!) affectionately called it “Monkey Wards.”

Clearly my subconscious was trying to tell me something…