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Tortoise at Pana’ewa

Polly hangs out at Mauna Kea Resort

A (not so) hidden gem

We’ve now lived here four years. The island is about 250 miles in circumference.  Big as Hawaiian islands go, but still not so big that we should “miss” something special.  Especially since there is really only one main road around the island:  Highway 19 starts in the middle of Hilo and goes north, ending on the west side in Kona.  Where it ends, Highway 11 starts and runs south around the island, ending back in Continue reading

Namaste the Bengal Tiger

See him at Panaewa Zoo

Snow on Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa

Here’s a good tip….

I have not been to church in nine months (except for the first 2 weeks of January when the pastor was on vacation and therefore….I didn’t have to see him…)I walked out of the building on Pentecost Sunday when I realized I could no longer stomach listening to a hate-mongering, verbally abusive, misogynist, gay-bashing, lying control freak (and that was on his good days…..). So I have spent Sunday mornings at cyber-church:  I read the Continue reading

Ain’t Love Grand?

There was a discussion on one of the chat rooms I frequent about Valentines day plans. About 50 people commented on what they gave, what they received and how they generally ignored Valentine’s day. Here is how it was for us: I threw some mystery meat and veggies into the crockpot:  dinner His beer was on sale:  gift The bougainvillea was in full bloom as he pulled into the back lot after working all day. Continue reading

I can’t believe I ate the whole thing…

…..or even part of it!  DH has found a bag of “Seafood Medley” at our local mini-warehouse store.  He usually just boils a handful of parts, throws it into some pasta and adds sauce of some sort= instant dinner! Well, he has been working really hard  building a deck for some friends, and he comes home late, dirty and tired.  So, I have been trying to have a meal made when he gets home. Yesterday, Continue reading

Chimps are running the asylum!

I have just finished a long work stretch, ending with three night shifts.  I complained to DH last night about the (ahem….) less than stellar assessment skills of one particular nurse.  I had been called several times over the course of several hours with what were presented as innocuous problems.  Then I got the call that said  “Oh by the way, I thought I should mention….” which sent me running down to the ward to Continue reading

Gadgets is good.

I love my new toy. It works just as I hoped: I can listen to music, surf, and play Angry Birds while I sit on the lanai and watch whales swim by. The good:  it plays music beautifully, surfs the web swiftly, plays games efficiently. The bad:  the handy-dandy keyboard case with usb-plug-in attached keyboard does not work, because the said’s tablet usb is for data transfer only (as I found after an exhaustive Google Continue reading

Hey, did you hear the one about…..

Last Saturday Bev and Celeste came for dinner.  Celeste is here for a three month hiatus, Bev came to visit her for a couple weeks, and we (having known them in Nevada) hosted them for dinner. We had a lovely time, and since they had some sightseeing to do in the next couple days, and I had those days off, I volunteered myself to tag along.  We went to my favorite beach on Monday.  We Continue reading

Hey, 4 eyes! (er….I mean 6 eyes….)

So I finally gave up and allowed myself to be fitted with contacts. Yes, it was better, but I find I still cannot read small print. So today I went to Wally World and tried some otc (over the counter) reading glasses. With +1.50’s on top of my contacts, even the smallest print is wonderfully easy to read. When they are pushed out of the way on top of my head, my distance vision is Continue reading