Up the Creek..

…without a paddle. Well, almost.

You may recall that I had crud last spring. Coughing crud which caused me to break 2 ribs due to the incessant coughing.  Needless to say, our kayaking excursions were severely limited by my rib pain (not to mention my dyspnea….). As in….they stopped completely.  Then, due to work/housing projects/general “stuff”….we just never got back on the water.

So, the new year dawned warm and sunny and this morning I said “PADDLE DAY!”  We brought the boat down from the laundry room, collected the bailer, the foot pumps and the lifejackets.  Added a drygear pouch with sunblock and towels.  We donned our hats, our sunglasses and our spf50 sunblock shirts and headed out.

At the bottom of the hill, as we started to turn onto the main highway, I asked “Did we bring the….”  “Paddles?” he replied. “NO!”

After retracing our tracks back to the house, we proceeded to Hilo Bay where we had a lovely day on the water.

With paddles.