Hi neighbor, can I borrow a cup of….

…avocado?  It’s different here in Hawaii.  We don’t borrow sugar or milk, we trade produce. DH and I are invited to potluck lunch with friends tomorrow after church, and I decided to take pies:  avocado and lilikoi cream.

Trouble is, after I gathered all (well, most…..) of the ingredients, I found my avocado tree had no ripe fruit. I had given all the ripe ones away this week, and no new ones have fallen.

So, we called our “back forty”  neighbor. She was happy to trade some avocado for grapefruit as she doesn’t grow any. At other times we have traded banana for lettuce or eggs, papaya for squash and lilikoi for cucumber.

In the words of Fred Rogers, it’s nice to be your neighbor!