January 2012 Archives

Boy, are we happy!

I have a plaque that I have carried with me from house to house for at least 30 years. It says “my house is clean enough to be healthy and dirty enough to be happy.” I have also long averred that we need to have company about every six months. It forces us to clean the house…enough to be healthy. I was reading a book….back in October, then got very busy at work and home Continue reading

The Watched Package Never Moves…

DH appropriated my little netbook computer to use in the power shed, tracking solar input/output data. I didn’t use it much unless traveling, but when it’s nice out, I like to sit on the lanai, computer in hand and surf/read/listen to music, rather than being cooped up in the den upstairs. So, after some research, I bought a (cheap) tablet from Amazon.  Now, I love buying from them, as they usually ship quickly…and free.  However, they Continue reading

Another Day in Paradise

My patience had run out. The humpback whales usually appear on our side of the island at the end of December, but we hadn’t seen them yet.  So, this morning I hauled DH out of bed, threw some stuff in the car, and hied us over to the Kohala coast, where we knew they would surely be seen.  Vog has been heavy this week due to lack of tradewinds to blow it away, but today Continue reading

Humble Pie

I was feeling pretty smug.  DH gave me Scrabble for the computer this Christmas, and I have added it to my collection of other addictive games…. Yesterday I managed to spell “acquire” on a triple word space, scoring 112 points for that one play! Well, pumped with pride I googled to see what the highest reported single play score was. Pfhht….I’m just a baby compared to “real” players. BENZOXYCAMPHORS my eye!

Hi neighbor, can I borrow a cup of….

…avocado?  It’s different here in Hawaii.  We don’t borrow sugar or milk, we trade produce. DH and I are invited to potluck lunch with friends tomorrow after church, and I decided to take pies:  avocado and lilikoi cream. Trouble is, after I gathered all (well, most…..) of the ingredients, I found my avocado tree had no ripe fruit. I had given all the ripe ones away this week, and no new ones have fallen. So, Continue reading

Up the Creek..

…without a paddle. Well, almost. You may recall that I had crud last spring. Coughing crud which caused me to break 2 ribs due to the incessant coughing.  Needless to say, our kayaking excursions were severely limited by my rib pain (not to mention my dyspnea….). As in….they stopped completely.  Then, due to work/housing projects/general “stuff”….we just never got back on the water. So, the new year dawned warm and sunny and this morning I Continue reading