It’s Akin to the Box

I love the Mastercard commercial of the baby playing with a box. Doesn’t matter what came in it….the box itself became the plaything. Though not quite the same, I thought of that commercial today when DH played with his new Christmas gift.

I bought him a Roku 2 XS:  a streaming digital video receiver. With it he can watch Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Videos, and hundreds of other movie, TV, cable and podcast productions-all on our big screen TV instead of on his PC monitor.

Included with the device is one game.  Angry Birds.  I had heard of Angry Birds of course….but not being a Facebook (or any other social media site) user, I had never actually seen it.

Netflix? Nah…

Hulu? Pfft….

Amazon Prime?  Pshaw….

We’ve been playing the damned game for 2 days straight….