In The Long-Term Scheme of Things….

Years ago, while still in medical school, my dear friend Geri listened to me gripe (endlessly, I’m sure she thought) about trying to keep my family’s head above financial water.  Each semester I would borrow to the hilt to make tuition and living expenses, and DH would be slaving away at home in Phoenix, trying to keep the house and car payments up to date.

Geri would ask:  “In the long-term scheme of things, what is another thousand dollars in loans?”

More than 20 years later and many thousands of dollars in school-loan payments, I could probably calculate the interest and give her a specific answer…..but never mind that. Her question came to mind this week, though.

I have been having fun with my underwater camera, but because it has a large plastic waterproof housing, out-of-water shots are distorted and fuzzy.  So I searched Amazon and found a cute little Panasonic TS 3….good both in and out of water.

I followed the instructions to the letter.  I brushed the edges of the battery door to remove any possible dust or sand.  I carefully closed and locked the door.  I entered the water……I took pictures…..

I exited the water.  As per the instructions, I started to shake off water from the camera……which caused the apparently poorly designed battery door to come unlocked, a couple drops of water entered….and new camera fubar.  At the first use. See the pretty pictures it takes now….

Oh well. In the long-term scheme of things, what’s another $300?

(In all fairness, Amazon is replacing it, but I’ll obviously need to put it some kind of housing, which negates the purpose for which I bought it!)