A Christmas Miracle

It has been raining for 3 1/2 weeks. Daily. Heavily. In torrents. Our ground is so saturated that we can no longer park our car in our yard. When our (old, steroid-dependent and thus very overweight) dog injured her leg (ok, when Akamai the puppy ran full tilt into her, knocking her over), and needed to go to the Vet, DH had to create a litter to drag her out to the car-then had to floor the accelerator to give him enough oomph to skid and slide his way through the gate.

Last night, she woke and whimpered to go outside (very unusual for her to wake like that.)  I put a sling under her belly, helped her up and went outside with her.

The sky was full of stars.  No clouds. Clear skies.  This morning, the sun rose, and it has been bright and  sunny with scattered clouds and…..just a beautiful Hawaiian day.

It was the perfect Christmas gift!