2012 New Years Resolution

Well….most never keep their New Years resolutions,,,, BUT WE WILL!!! As you have read in past blogs of ours, that Akamai our 1 yr old puppy LOVES shagging golf balls that I (DH) hit with my pitching iron, and that (CH) bounces the golf balls off the deck for Akamai to catch….UNTIL NOW. Our 2012 New Years Resolution is… TO NEVER SHAG GOLF BALLS WITH GOLF CLUBS OR BOUNCING GOLF BALLS OFF THE DECK TO OUR DOG AKAMAI.

WHY??? You Ask?…..Well DUFFER golfer that I (DH) am, and ROOKIE league pitcher that (CH) is SADLY report that I (DH) skulled a golf ball full swing into Akamais shoulder SMACK!!! and (CH) threw a golf ball (intended) for the deck floor straight into Akamais forehead! OUCH!

Thank God, young puppies are strong, resilient and READY KEEP PLAYING. Amen