That’s A Moray!

Our plan yesterday was to kayak in Hilo Bay, but the day started off raining hard, so DH turned over and went back to sleep. We then decided to visit Nani Mau gardens, a local botanical garden we had not yet seen. Closed (apparently for good…..).

“Let’s go to Kapoho,” he said.

So we did. It was a great day for snorkeling. Clear, warm, sunny and LOTS of fish….including those two below. I was so excited by finally getting a picture  of the toothy, sometime aggressive moray eel (not to mention his partner, the usually shy peacock grouper), that I exited the water and burst into song:  (with apologies to Dean Martin….)..

When the eel swims the sea, that’s a place not to be….that’s a moray!

When he sways to and fro with his jaws set to “go”……that’s a moray!

Nibble, nibble, bite. Teeth will give a fright, so I won’t pick a fight—just get out of sight of …..the moray.

Fish will flee, so will we from a big scary sea filled with moray!