Did you know…

…that trees have leaves!?

That question was originally asked by DH several years ago after he got a new pair of eyeglasses, and was amazed at what he had NOT been seeing.

I had a large list of things on my “to do” list for my day off today.


Pick fruit, deliver some to friend at work, pack some for neighborhood veggie swap tonight.  Check.

Donate to Hawaii Public Radio fund drive. Check.

Buy tickets for “Little Shop of Horrors” at Palace Theater this week. Check.

Get eyes checked. Hoo boy…..

Last time I had an eye exam the OD just laughed. “Go get Lasik surgery!” he said. I am presbyopic. With a steep astimagtism. Nearsighted in one eye, farsighted in the other.  Glasses are impossible because the differential between the nearsighted and the farsighted makes me sick to my stomach when I wear corrective glasses.

Contacts are difficult because the astigmatism is so steep the lens floats off my eye and doesn’t allow good resolution of what I’m seeing–or just pops out altogether.

But…..it is getting more difficult for me to read the (unnecessarily) small print on patient charts, newspapers…..and just about anything else (love my NOOK with adjustable font size!).

So today I spent 90 minutes with my friendly neighborhood eye doctor(ess). She didn’t laugh, or suggest surgery….she found a solution in monovision contacts specially designed for astigmatic eyes: one for near vision in my left eye, and one for far vision in my right.

Wow….there are individual leaves on every tree!