You Ain’t No Farmer!

That’s what Grandma R. said to me when I told her about the 30 acres DH and I had bought in northern Nevada many years ago. “What are you going to do with all that land?” Well, at the time our only goal was to build a house in the middle of it and enjoy the scenery….

….but when we were planning our move to Hawaii, where the purchase was only 1.7 acres, the goal was much more agriculturally minded. We ached to plant tomato and pepper, corn and cucumber, beans and lettuce.

Oh, we planted. And replanted. And sweetened soil, mulched, hoed, roto-tilled, and planted some more. I’m sure we’ve spent hundreds of dollars for seeds and plant starts. All for ….just about….naught. A few tomatoes here. Two ears of corn there.

This year, we tried starting everything in the greenhouse (after DH covered the ceiling with shade cloth to keep the thing from mimicking the Arizona desert in August.) With religious watering, we did get one cucumber, several long Asian beans.

The coup de gras, however, is our tomato crop:


Well, I guess ole’ Grandma R is eating her words now, huh!?