It only takes a spark….

It’s been a busy week. We had our annual Oktoberfest party here Saturday, so preparing the house/yard/lanai took all our effort. (We need to have a party once a year in order to force us to deep clean…..). A good time was had by all (thanks, Steve, for the music!) and Akamai the hyper-puppy made his debut into society without annoying or pestering the guests too much….

I’ve worked all week. It has been a blessedly slow week….the hospital has been full to the gills for the last nine months, and we hospitalists run as fast as we can to stay in one place, so the lower census has been a welcome respite.

Today, though, was a special day. I stopped at the post office to mail a book, and found I had received one as well. The book was sent from an order through, and I was surprised to find a note enclosed.  The sender, P., noted she had googled my name on a whim, found her way here to The Hroost, and was moved by the blog Wound Agape. I cried to read such kind words from a stranger.

Later in the day, I went to Subway to pick up lunch. The clerk, on ringing up my purchase looked me full in the face and said, “Please have a beautiful, beautiful day.” Not “Here’s your order, or even a mumbled “Have nice day…..”, but an actual, face to face wish for a good day.

After pulling out of the lot, I came to a stop sign at a busy street where I wanted to make a left turn. The car across from me, at the opposite stop sign, and who had the right of way, waited till the (considerable) traffic cleared, and then waved me on. (I think I’ve only ever seen that done here in Hawaii……).

My “fire” of happiness was lit. The spark was RAOK.