Clyde appears to be depressed.

And I don’t know what to do about it. I’ve never had a pet like Clyde before.

Well, that’s not quite true: we did have Goldie while I was growing up. Goldie was a (surprise!!!) goldfish. She (he?) outgrew the 15 gallon tank she lived in, and eventually joined her ancestors (carp) in the Clinton River. For all I know, she is still happily bottom feeding there.

Clyde, though, is a betta fish, given to us by our new neighbors.  He (the neighbor, that is…..not Clyde…..) owned a fish farm in Florida prior to moving here to Hawaii, and they brought us Clyde as a “hostess gift” when they came to dinner this week.

Clyde was presented in a small brandy goblet, but I felt sure he needed more room, and transferred him to a larger glass vase (about 1 gallon) with glass rocks covering the bottom.

Now he (Clyde) just lays on top of the rocks. His beautiful fins are mostly folded. He hasn’t eaten the lovely betta flakes I gave him this morning. (Nor did he touch the speck of toast that DH dropped into the bowl which now sits in the middle of the dining room table.)

Perhaps he doesn’t like our rain-supplied tap water.

Or maybe the glass rocks give off a noxious scent.

Or perhaps looking at us every morning as we eat breakfast is just too much for his delicate constitution….

I’m hoping it’s just an adjustment situation:  I couldn’t stand the guilt if I killed off my hostess gift…..