A Maxwell Moment

Perhaps it’s because we live in Hawaii, and some things are just harder to find on a lava-spewing rock out in the middle of the ocean. Maybe because they’re just too old fashioned and passe.

But, do you know how hard it is to find a percolator?  Not a Mr. Coffee, not an espresso machine. Not a French Press. Not an electric-plug-into-the-wall pot.  Just a plain old aluminum shiny coffee pot with a glass bulb on top, one that you put on your stove and turn on the heat, one that lets you see the coffee color once it starts perking, letting you know when the “hue” is just right.

We live off-grid.  All our electric power comes from the sun. Now, since we upgraded the solar panel system, we have no lack of electricity (no more DDL getting stuck in the shower, covered with shampoo and soap, unable to rinse off because the power ran out, therefore the water pump wouldn’t…..pump…..). Still, though we have choke (plenty) power, we try not to be hogs. (Um, ignore the 2 computers, big screen tv, fridges in main and guest house, freezer and enough power tools to construct a third-world country…..)

The point is, we prefer not to plug in our coffee maker, but rather to perk our coffee on the gas range the old fashioned way, and our old pot has bit the dust:   the glass bulb won’t stay on, the rubber gasket around it is degenerating…..so, I went to buy a new one.

Walmart. Nope.

Target. Nope.

Thrift stores. Nope.

The very limited cooking/baking ware aisles in the grocery stores. Nope.

Amazon: yep, but the Amazon seller won’t ship to Hawaii.

Then I had a brilliant thought! The old Army surplus store in downtown Hilo! Surely they would have a campfire-ready old fashioned brewer for sale.

Yep. For $69.98. Plus tax.

Tomorrow’s coffee better be DAMNED good………