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It only takes a spark….

It’s been a busy week. We had our annual Oktoberfest party here Saturday, so preparing the house/yard/lanai took all our effort. (We need to have a party once a year in order to force us to deep clean…..). A good time was had by all (thanks, Steve, for the music!) and Akamai the hyper-puppy made his debut into society without annoying or pestering the guests too much…. I’ve worked all week. It has been a Continue reading

Cortez Sea Chub

Ornate Butterflyfish


Bottlenose Dolphin

I know you can’t see it very well, but there is a calf on the far side of mom….

Parrot Fish

Picasso Triggerfish

Neither Rain, Nor Snow, Nor Dark of Night….

nor exploding sinks will keep DH from his appointed remodel jobs. So, here is the reveal:  New whirlpool tub with tile surround. New tile flooring. New dual sinks. New light fixtures. New paint. New towels and towel bars. Unfortunately I don’t have a before picture. Take my word for it….it was awful. Those of a certain age will remember the (horrible) Geritol commercials of the ’70’s. I’ll just change a couple words here to make Continue reading

Convict Tang

Clyde appears to be depressed.

And I don’t know what to do about it. I’ve never had a pet like Clyde before. Well, that’s not quite true: we did have Goldie while I was growing up. Goldie was a (surprise!!!) goldfish. She (he?) outgrew the 15 gallon tank she lived in, and eventually joined her ancestors (carp) in the Clinton River. For all I know, she is still happily bottom feeding there. Clyde, though, is a betta fish, given to Continue reading

Purple Triggerfish

Well, he’s purple. And he’s a triggerfish….can’t find any further id. Help me out!

Green Sea Turtle

…no, of course he’s not a fish, but his photo fits better here than in, say the section on “Downtown Hilo….” I know it’s murky, but we were right at the water’s edge, waves were breaking into the seawall just behind us and sand was kicking up….sorry, it’s the best I could do….