Well I Never!

Said I wouldn’t do it. Said I wouldn’t like it. Said I couldn’t see any point.

I was wrong.

I love my Nook. I love searching Manybooks.net for very old mystery novels in the Public Domain (er, that means free….)

I love entering 0.00 into the search engine of Barnes & Noble to see what they are offering for free.

I love learning about DRM stuff at Apprentice Alf and Calibre.

I love knowing that any Kindle book can be downloaded to my free PC Kindle-reader and then converted to epub….which is readable on the Nook.

I love that the second of my liturgical mysteries, for which I have been on a wish list for 2 years and have not gotten any closer to the top of the list than when I started, was available in Kindle version for $.99 at Amazon……easily converted as alluded to above and now happily residing on my Nook.

Life is good…..