Oh, C’mon……

While watching tv coverage of Hurricane Irene’s approach to the East Coast, DH and I watched a clip of a certain well known morning NBC news show weatherman.  He stood there in a dripping parka, water drops glistening in the camera lights. Behind him raged a storm-tossed sea.

Curious though, the waves showed as either far in the distance, or breaking immediately behind the reporter: so close that he should have been bowled over by the force, or at least splashed with spray from the huge waves.

He wasn’t bowled over. No wind disturbed his voice transmission, nor ruffled the hood of his jacket. He just…… dripped.

DH and I, at nearly the same time, exclaimed “He’s standing in front of green screen!”

Clearly, he is a valuable commodity. Clearly, NBC would not want to risk injury to such a star.

But, COME ON…..it’s ok for him to give commentary without the idiocy of squirting him with a hose to “add authenticity”….which was VERY in-authentic.

Technology and film editing being the exact arts they are, the editors of that farce should be ashamed…..