NEWS FLASH!!! Dog Buries Bone!!!!

Yes, I know that that is what (supposedly) dogs do…..but I have NEVER actually had a dog that did so. Until now.

Ross Department Stores is a treasure hunt….one never knows what s/he will find on any given day.  Yesterday was Senior Discount Day!!…one of the perks of getting old…and so Tuesday is the day I tend to shop there.  And yesterday, I found a bag of Booda Bones at a steeply discounted (not including my old lady discount) price.

Today, when it was time for the dog’s treat, they each got a Booda. Ursula (the steroid-induced fatty) gobbled hers down. Buffy, the careful eater, sat and chewed contendedly on hers.

Akamai, the puppy, took his and hid it under the stairs at the front of the deck. DH asked “Where’s your boney?”  Akamai then fetched it from under the porch steps, carried it to the fence on the edge of our property and dug a hole, into which he dumped the bone and then covered it, pushing dirt over it with his nose……

…after which he came back to the lanai and stood—very closely—-to Buffy, obviously waiting for a chance to steal her Booda Bone. A Google search explains the evolutionary cause of the behavior….but doesn’t address the fun of actually seeing “nature” at work!