….or, DH and the exploding sink.

Recall that for our anniversary, DH surprised me with a torn down bathroom wall: the prelude to installing the whirlpool tub he had purchased.  Of course, that necessitated removing all the wall tile, rewiring the electric for the new tub.

Since he was doing all that, we opted to purchase new vanity cabinets and sinks.  The glass sinks, in a muted green shade, perfectly matched the variegated glass tiles that we used as accents for the wall tile.

Having replumbed the water supply for two instead of the original one sink, then having painted the walls and installed the new floor and tub surround tile, DH started to install the vanities and faucets last night while I was at work.

At around 9:30 pm he called me.  After 35 years of marriage, I can tell by his voice when he is upset.  Yep. He was upset.

After hooking up the first sink, he started on the second. While he tightened the drain pipe, he heard a loud explosion, and then he was showered with shards of green glass from the bowl and edges of the already installed sink.

The (thank God!) tempered molded glass sink had burst into a million (or thereabouts….) pieces.  Instructions for installation of the sink cautions one NOT to overtighten.  No where in the instructions does it tell one that sink explosion is the possible sequellae of doing so……

No, he wasn’t hurt. Not physically.  But he didn’t sleep too well last night….

And a google search indicates that this is NOT an unusual occurrence with glass sinks. So, tomorrow we are off to Lowe’s to um….discuss the options.