…and one more thing for tonight….

Are DH and I really that predictable?

Tonight, DH got on Skype with DS and DDL. During the conversation, he would turn to me and ask a question.  DS and DDL looked confused each time DH turned to me.

Finally they asked “Did you rearrange the den?” Last time they were here, I sat nearest the wall and he near the back door. But, since (like Jack Sprat and his wife and thier dietary restrictions) he is always cold, and me hot, we finally switched places, so I could feel the breeze from the door, and he was protected from the cold air.

DS and DDL were confused because DH, when he would talk to me,  was turning his head away from where I was “supposed” to be sitting.

I guess we have really entered our dodderage if we are that predictable….