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Wound Agape

BFF Susan opined in an email yesterday that she missed my sermons/devotionals, but she knew I am struggling through a spiritual desert now….so she understood why I hadn’t written any recently. I had reflected just last week that those everyday sights and sounds that in the past would have inspired me to write a short story about them, no longer moved me in that way. I wrote back to her that, yes, I am in Continue reading

Oh, C’mon……

While watching tv coverage of Hurricane Irene’s approach to the East Coast, DH and I watched a clip of a certain well known morning NBC news show weatherman.  He stood there in a dripping parka, water drops glistening in the camera lights. Behind him raged a storm-tossed sea. Curious though, the waves showed as either far in the distance, or breaking immediately behind the reporter: so close that he should have been bowled over by Continue reading

quote – earthquake

VA BREAKING NEWS: The USGS has determined that the epicenter of the earthquake was in a cemetery just outside of DC. The cause appears to be our founding fathers rolling over in their graves.

Well I Never!

Said I wouldn’t do it. Said I wouldn’t like it. Said I couldn’t see any point. I was wrong. I love my Nook. I love searching for very old mystery novels in the Public Domain (er, that means free….) I love entering 0.00 into the search engine of Barnes & Noble to see what they are offering for free. I love learning about DRM stuff at Apprentice Alf and Calibre. I love knowing that Continue reading

West Indian Holly

aka Leea guineensi

Columnar Cactus Flower

DH gets Googlemapped

….as they did their drive-by photo shoot of every property on the face of the earth, Google caught DH keeping up appearances….

…and one more thing for tonight….

Are DH and I really that predictable? Tonight, DH got on Skype with DS and DDL. During the conversation, he would turn to me and ask a question.  DS and DDL looked confused each time DH turned to me. Finally they asked “Did you rearrange the den?” Last time they were here, I sat nearest the wall and he near the back door. But, since (like Jack Sprat and his wife and thier dietary restrictions) Continue reading

NEWS FLASH!!! Dog Buries Bone!!!!

Yes, I know that that is what (supposedly) dogs do…..but I have NEVER actually had a dog that did so. Until now. Ross Department Stores is a treasure hunt….one never knows what s/he will find on any given day.  Yesterday was Senior Discount Day!!…one of the perks of getting old…and so Tuesday is the day I tend to shop there.  And yesterday, I found a bag of Booda Bones at a steeply discounted (not including Continue reading

Be. Ats. Wal. King.

A lifetime ago, I walked down North River Road to get to the school bus.  Each day, year after year, I noted Ernies boat.  He had it up on drydock at the end of his driveway. Every day I read the name on the back of his boat. Be. Ats. Wal. King. After four years of staring at that stern every day as I walked to and from the bus, I finally GOT IT. Be  Continue reading


….or, DH and the exploding sink. Recall that for our anniversary, DH surprised me with a torn down bathroom wall: the prelude to installing the whirlpool tub he had purchased.  Of course, that necessitated removing all the wall tile, rewiring the electric for the new tub. Since he was doing all that, we opted to purchase new vanity cabinets and sinks.  The glass sinks, in a muted green shade, perfectly matched the variegated glass tiles Continue reading

Kihikihi (Moorish Idol)