Sometimes the stars align, the moon is in the appropriate house and the rainbow ends at our front door. This was one of those weeks.

For our anniversary, DH bought a whirlpool tub. That necessitated tearing out a ridiculous cubbyhole space which only chopped up the room and ate up square footage.  But that meant tearing out the tile tub surround. Which means that new tile needs to put in. So, he bought some gray marbled ceramic, and surrounded it with a 1 x 1 glass tile border in shades of gray and green, which will also be set behind the sinks as a backsplash.

Our side of town has Home Depot, and that is where we buy our supplies. But….this week we went to the beach on the Kona side. The weather was perfect, the water clear and calm, and my underwater camera worked as I wished it to.

“Since we’re on this side, let’s look at Lowe’s,” I said….not mentioning that I REALLY disliked the white cabinet that we currently had, and which he planned to reuse, but with new sinks and countertop.

There we found dark mahogany cabinets with a pale green glass sinktop. Two of them, set side by side fit the space perfectly. And the glass top blends perfectly with the 1 x 1 glass tile bought at Home Depot.

We took the old sink and bathtub to the freecycle area at our dump on Tuesday.  There on the bookshelf, I found two books, both wishlisted on my bookswap site . (Essentially giving me two free credits with which I can order new books).

Today we took the cabinet to the dump, noting that the tub and sinktop had already been claimed-I was glad someone was able to use them. There on the bookshelf were two MORE wishlisted books.

And to cap off the week…..I’ve beaten the damned game FOUR TIMES today!

Serendipity indeed!