He has a knack….

….for giving interesting gifts.  DH and I celebrated our 35th wedding anniversary yesterday.  In the past he has surprised me with a piano, a mop, a suite of patio furniture…..

But I was taken aback when I came home from work Thursday to see him sitting on the deck, where he informed me had decided to spend the entire day, doing nothing. He doesn’t EVER just….sit. A professional “do-er” he is always fixing, maintaining, building or creating something. So I was of course, suspicious….

I walked into the house, and saw my bathroom wall. In the kitchen. With a sign:  “Happy 35th anniversary!”  He knows I hate the bathroom, a dingy, ugly space.  Remodeling, including a whirlpool bathtub and double sinks is underway!! (not to mention the new closet he is going to add to the master bedroom….!)

Happy anniversary to US!

(I guess it’s better than the mop……)