DH and I are not……outgoing.  (to put it mildly…..). We have found each other to be the perfect foil: friend, lover, confidant, music partner, prayer partner.

We have a few close friends, but generally we tend to keep very much to ourselves, preferring to spend time together rather than seek the company of others.

A new couple has moved to the neighborhood. They have 13 acres across the street and up the hill from us. DH has had a few friendly exchanges, and I met her once while I was walking the dog.

Yesterday DH passed them while on our narrow road, and spontaneously invited them for drinks and dinner that same day.

Well, we are in the middle of a redecoration, and there are tools, tiles, drywall, glue, grout, plumbing supplies and dust—-lots of dust—everywhere. But, I managed to pull together a dinner of sorts.

It was wonderful. They are our age. They have the same religious basis. The same political basis. The same music background.  They were much more interested in conversation than the disrepair of our household, and they were delighted by our dogs (big points there!)

The only problem is, they stay up MUCH later than we do…….I tried so not to yawn too broadly as the night wore on…..

We are a rock, we are an island….but it’s nice to have company occasionally!