Drive-by Shooting

Living in paradise as we do, we become complacent. We sometimes forget that even here, there are predators and creatures who’s goal is to inflict injury. And we sometimes forget to look at the calendar, which would have reminded us that today…..they were out to get us!

Ten days after the full moon…that’s when they come out of wherever they hide in the interim. Today was my last day off for awhile, and DH offered to take me to the beach… last time. I neglected to remember that the full moon was on the 15th….making this about ten days after…..and prime jellyfish time.

I didn’t see any. I saw grouper, tang, soldierfish, parrotfish, angelfish, needlefish, moorish idol, boxfish, unicorn fish, humuhumunukunukuapua’a, and even two green turtles. I saw a new white fish with black stripes from head to tail (haven’t yet found a name reference).  Saw lots of flotsam floating, but didn’t see any tell-tale tentacles.

It was DH who suffered the drive-by shooting with the tiny barbs contained in the box jellyfish’s “arms.” It wasn’t as bad as the stings he suffered on our first Hawaii visit to Kaua’i, but still….it put a damper on his enjoyment of the day.

Traditional wisdom (now debunked) states  that one should apply urine to the sting to ease the burning. I offered to pee on his arm, but he declined, and bought some xylocaine spray instead……

Need to keep a closer eye on the calendar…..



*****edited to add:  It was a yellowstripe coris (hilu)