Catchment Tank Overflow Pipe

My website tracker tells me the most searched for page on this site is the PDF owners manual for our Husky Power Washer.  We bought it used, and spent hours online and making calls, searching for a manual.  After finally finding one online, I posted a link to it, for all the others who could not find it (as evidenced by the numerous forums questions I searched myself while looking for it. )

We faced a similar problem trying to find a diagram to make a catchment tank overflow pipe. Not on catchment?….move along…nothing to see here. On catchment and need how to’s?  Read on:

DH visited neighbors, searched the web, built prototypes….and finally built a winner. Our is a 10,000 gallon galvanized metal tank.  He used 3″ PVC pipe, one Tee and six 90 degree elbows. Here are diagrams, measurements and photos….

In order to create the “siphon effect,” he filled the overflow pipe with water, blocked the ends, then removed the blocks when he had the pipe in place…this allowed the proper suction effect.