Years ago there was a cartoon dog who, when given a “cookie” wrapped his arms (paws….) over his head, then reversed them….repeated it, oohed, ahhed, and then leaped into the air, floating down in ecstasy.  Can’t remember the name of the cartoon, nor the character…..but I can relate.

I have worked extra shifts as one of our (ex) co-workers announced an urgent family emergency  early one Thursday morning and left to urgently travel to the mainland to help.  No matter that he was seen rambling around Wally world the next day……we all chipped in and picked up the shifts. Another co-worker is um….stressed due to impending childbirth and overwork, and is being an….well, stressed out.

So I was VERY happy to finish my shift on Saturday, knowing that, except for playing organ in church on Sunday, I had nothing to do for the next ten days.

DH has been working hard to do the preliminary work for installing my anniversary gift, and tonight he hooked it up. The tub. The 6 foot long, 20 inch deep, whirlpool tub.

Since moving to Hawaii, I have not taken a bath. Showers, yes. Swims in the ocean, sure. Standing out in the rain, sometimes.  But no bath.  I felt like that cartoon dog. Filling the tub with hot water (from our endless-supply-on-demand-hot-water-heater), I eased into the nearly scalding water.  I pushed the button. The jets roared into life, massaging my back, my flank and even my feet. Stress schmess…..



(edited to add….Snuffles, Quickdraw McGraw’s tracking dog)