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Two Simple Words….

Back in the 70’s, Steve Martin made us all laugh with his standup comedy. One of his routines told of how to “excuse” yourself from anything. “Steve.. how can I be a millionaire.. and never pay taxes?” First.. get a million dollars. Now.. you say, “Steve.. what do I say to the tax man when he comes to my door and says, ‘You.. have never paid taxes’?” Two simple words. Two simple words in the Continue reading

Drive-by Shooting

Living in paradise as we do, we become complacent. We sometimes forget that even here, there are predators and creatures who’s goal is to inflict injury. And we sometimes forget to look at the calendar, which would have reminded us that today…..they were out to get us! Ten days after the full moon…that’s when they come out of wherever they hide in the interim. Today was my last day off for awhile, and DH offered Continue reading


DH and I are not……outgoing.  (to put it mildly…..). We have found each other to be the perfect foil: friend, lover, confidant, music partner, prayer partner. We have a few close friends, but generally we tend to keep very much to ourselves, preferring to spend time together rather than seek the company of others. A new couple has moved to the neighborhood. They have 13 acres across the street and up the hill from us. Continue reading

quote – count blessings

When I count my blessings, I count you twice.

LWF (little white fish…..)

(I believe they are chub)


Sometimes the stars align, the moon is in the appropriate house and the rainbow ends at our front door. This was one of those weeks. For our anniversary, DH bought a whirlpool tub. That necessitated tearing out a ridiculous cubbyhole space which only chopped up the room and ate up square footage.  But that meant tearing out the tile tub surround. Which means that new tile needs to put in. So, he bought some gray Continue reading


Years ago there was a cartoon dog who, when given a “cookie” wrapped his arms (paws….) over his head, then reversed them….repeated it, oohed, ahhed, and then leaped into the air, floating down in ecstasy.  Can’t remember the name of the cartoon, nor the character…..but I can relate. I have worked extra shifts as one of our (ex) co-workers announced an urgent family emergency  early one Thursday morning and left to urgently travel to the Continue reading

He has a knack….

….for giving interesting gifts.  DH and I celebrated our 35th wedding anniversary yesterday.  In the past he has surprised me with a piano, a mop, a suite of patio furniture….. But I was taken aback when I came home from work Thursday to see him sitting on the deck, where he informed me had decided to spend the entire day, doing nothing. He doesn’t EVER just….sit. A professional “do-er” he is always fixing, maintaining, building Continue reading

Call me Grumpy….

…..and old fashioned…..and boring….but I think the 4th of July fireworks should be accompanied by patriotic music. Just because. We are after all, commemorating the creation of our nation, not  holding American Idol tryouts…. …..so I watched-and listened to- the Macy’s fireworks “spectacular” with jaded eyes (and ears).  “Down by the Riverside?” “Dynamite”  by Talo Cruz and “Amazing Grace?”  Nice songs…but it is the 4th of July. At least they closed with the National Anthem Continue reading

Catchment Tank Overflow Pipe

My website tracker tells me the most searched for page on this site is the PDF owners manual for our Husky Power Washer.  We bought it used, and spent hours online and making calls, searching for a manual.  After finally finding one online, I posted a link to it, for all the others who could not find it (as evidenced by the numerous forums questions I searched myself while looking for it. ) We faced Continue reading