Real ID

I consider myself to be relatively well informed. My car radio is set to NPR and I listen to news going to work and coming home. My internet home page is Google News. I listen to All Things Considered and Talk of the Nation. I am a whiz at “Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me!”

So, I was…..well, taken aback…….to read about the Real ID Act of 2005.

I happened to come across a question about it on one of my chat rooms, where the writer was beside herself worrying about finding her marriage certificate.

……which sent me off on a search for my own, as well as DH’s and my birth certificates.  Our drivers license renewals are due in 2014, when the act is set to take effect, and I feared that if I couldn’t find the documents, I would need to start now to request copies from our home state.

Nope, not in the “personal” file folder, nor in the “business” file folder. Not in the photo albums, not hidden in the closet, not in the safe (for which we had to guess at the combination-and in which DH found only one Kennedy half dollar piece). (Better not plan my retirement based on that finding…..)

Not on the storage shelf in the guest house (which DH had obsessively cleaned in preparation for SB and KW’s arrival.)

Not in any drawer or cupboard in the house.

“Have you checked the seacontainer?” he asked.  There, buried under the Christmas boxes (one of which fell on the floor while I was searching and which is now tinkling ominously…..) was a box full of “legal stuff.”  And there was the cardboard envelope containing all those documents.

Um, better start your own search!

This public service announcement brought to you by….

….a much relieved me.