I Broke a Rib!


DH frequently accuses me of exaggerating. He may have done so when I started complaining of left sided chest pain during my horrible bronchitis episode this spring.  “I broke my rib coughing!” I told him. Though empathizing with my pain, I’m sure he thought I overstated the case……

Because the coughing went on for months, I collared one of the docs I work with and asked him to order an xray.  He did so….and by the time I got the film done there was no pneumonia, no bronchitic changes noted…..but there was a lesion.  I was called back for additional views.  The lesion remained. A CT scan was recommended, but I elected to wait a month and repeat the xray, rationalizing to myself that I would wait until the bronchitis/infection/reactive airway disease/….crap….had completely resolved, and see if the lesion would also disappear.

One month later….the lesion was still there, though in a slightly different position. OK, that got my attention enough to go ahead and get the CT scan.

Which I did today.  I have the benefit of saying to the tech, “Oh, by the way, I’m a doctor, and would like to go over the scan with the radiologist.” (Meaning, I don’t have to wait till later in the day for him to read it, call the ordering doctor to discuss it, and wait for the ordering doc to call me in a couple days……).

“Hey look!” he said…..”you broke your rib here on the left—that’s what was making the shadow we saw! No worries!”

Of course….I knew it all along.  (whew……)