….beach.  I’m always on the lookout for someplace new to snorkel.  Earlier this week, knowing I have 7 days off, I took a virtual tour via Google Earth all around Big Island, searching for hidden coves and bays that we might scope out. Near Honokohou small boat harbor, I saw a possible site: Alula Beach.

DH and I visited today. Tho access is a bit dicey, as we needed to climb over some lava rocks to access it…..it was well worth it.  We saw more fish here than we have seen at any site.  I got to experiment with my new underwater camera…..

On the downside, there are no facilities (tho they are very nearby at the small boat harbor), so some people (slobs) use the bushes backing the beach….and the odor was definitely….discernible.

Next trip, we’ll park our chairs elsewhere!