Death by Pupu

The thing, which has died before, is now, again,  dead.  But this time it doesn’t appear to be possessed (as it was last time.) This time, it was due to the pupu.

We went to our monthly social gathering group last night. The TGIF parties are potlucks, and DH and I took curried shrimp/pineapple appetizers. In Hawaii, appetizers are pupu.

We spent a lovely evening with good friends (after we finally found the hosts’ home in the fern jungle, and after being given wrong directions from our Magellan GPS unit and going through some scary areas where um…..alternative crops……are grown and the “farmers” look on all unknown cars with great suspicion….and threats of bodily harm.  Never mind….another story perhaps….)

Anyway, having put all the left over pupu into one carryall dish, and put it back into the soft-sided cooler, DH then tossed the cooler into the back seat. On arrival home, I picked up the cooler, placed the strap over my shoulder and carried it back to the house.  I didn’t realize that since it had been placed off-tilt for the ride home, that the juices from the curried shrimp were now dripping into the pocket of my shorts.  In which rested my phone.

Akamai the puppy brought my attention to the problem by being VERY interested in the smell  coming from my pocket area. I took out the phone, which was dampened by pupu juice and wiped it off. It didn’t appear to be damaged, nor even very wet.

Having worked midnights the day before, and being now quite tired, I set the phone on its charger, and went to bed. And today, when I realized the phone hadn’t charged all night, I looked closer. There was curry sauce and pineapple juice inside, outside, and covering the slide-out keyboard. I removed the battery, wiped everything as best I could, and let the stuff dry for an hour. After recharging for 2 hours, there is the WHITE QUESTION MARK OF DEATH (particular to Palm phones).

I will take the Thing to Verizon today and see if a new battery helps. If not, I guess there will be a new Thing.

Death by Pupu…..there are worse ways to go, I guess……


The Thing was dead (truly and permanently this time). So, The Thing is Dead, long live the NEW Thing (with built-in Google Navigator. We trust it will avoid sending us to scary places.)  And I will never again pupu my thing……