So, Hapuna Beach on the Kona Coast is “One of the best beaches in America!!!!!” Or, so says the travel channel. This week, I had a few days off, so we spent one of them exploring. Four beaches in one day.  Old Airport Beach in Kona was a nice place to visit….lousy place to swim.

Kaloha/Honokohou National Monument also was lovely….but the water too rough to enter.

Alua beach was great…except for the outhouse odor….

We finished at Hapuna Beach.  This is routinely touted as a great beach.  And it is….if you are looking for a wide, white sand beach with easy ocean access.  BUT…..with nothing but a sand bottom, no rocks, no fish, no limu, no hono, no coral…..

… was boring (Picture Joanne Worley from Laugh-In twirling her forefinger in her cheek and singing the word “BOOOOORRIINNNNG” loudly…..)

Sorry….we’ll leave it to the tourists….