There are goldfish…..

….and then there are gold fish.

DH worked so hard when we lived in Nevada to maintain the pond he dug by hand. He created waterfalls, transplanted reeds and cattails, and nurtured the dime-store goldfish that he moved into it. He spent literally months of his life cleaning it, rewiring the pump each time (and there were several) it blew and reinforcing the edges to make sure the water stayed inside the pond.

He recalled those fish today when we finally got to snorkel at Mahukona State Park on the North Kohala shore. The park is on the site of an old sugarcane shipping port.

The entry to the water is off the side of the shipping dock, where a ladder has been placed. Immediately on entering the water, one is surrounded by fish. Gold fish….

The water was warm, clear and smooth, the sun bright and warm. It was a perfect day.  DH commented that the ocean gold fish were much more enjoyable than the pond goldfish.

And a lot easier to take care of.