It takes so little….

….to make me happy.

I’ve hated our bathroom from the day we moved here. Cramped, poorly laid out and dingy…..but redoing it is low on the list of “to do’s.”

One frustration is the soap dish in the shower.  A ceramic dish, bolted through the tile…and very loosely attached….it is especially annoying.  Pick up the soap….the dish falls off. Set the soap back down….the dish falls off  (barely missing–or not– my bare toe…..). Turn around to wet my hair and bump the dish…down it goes.

At Wally World yesterday, DH said “Oh yeah, let’s see if there is a shower caddy…I’m sick of that soap dish!”

With the new caddy installed in the corner of the shower, my bathing this morning was…..pleasurable. I enjoyed it. It made me happy.

And the damned dish never hit my toe once!